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Cutting depositor CD-60

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Cutting depositor CD-60


  • Input mass by roller (2 included).
  • Possibility of incorporating Flouring (optional).
  • Cutting blades and cutter easily adjustable.
  • Highly reliable pneumatic cutter.
  • Possibility to adjust cutting speed and strength.
  • Cylinders troqueladores synchronized with optional trays.
  • Stops when there are trays on the conveyor.
  • Mechanical Variable speed, highly reliable.
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Engines: 0.5 Hp (2). 220-380 V Monophase.
  • Length: 330 cm.
  • Maximum width: 830 cm.
  • Height: 950 cm.
  • Weight: 290 kg.
  • Standard Tray: 60 cm. Variable width x length
  • Production: from 300-1300 trays / hour.


Ideal for pieces of puff pastry, miguelitos, etc, with automatic deposited in trays.
Machine designed to cut pastry dough, can be equipped with different cutters on request.