Sticks shapers

Sticks shaper Basic

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Sticks shaper Basic


  • Entrance of dough by tile with teflon, adjustable in height.
  • Chromed laminators cylinders of easy regulation.
  • Shaping cylinders available in 10 different thicks.
  • Change the chaping cylinders without tools.
  • Pneumatic cutter of great reliability.
  • Possibility to regulate the speed and the force of the cut.
  • The transporter of trays stops when there aven't trays.
  • Mechanics regulator of speed of great reliability and easy regulation.
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Motors: 2 of 0,5 Hp. 220-380 V. III.
  • Length: 247 cm. opened / 190 cm. folder.
  • Width: 53 cm.
  • Height: 127 cm.
  • Weight: 185 kg.
  • Trays of stick standar size of 30,5x60 cm. 11 channels.
  • Trays of grissines standar size of 30,5x60 cm. 17 channels.
  • Production: of 150 to 700 Trays /hour.


Ideal for the fabrication of dough sticks, grissines, curling sticks and dough biscuits in medium and small productions.