Sticks shapers

Sticks shapers soft dough model Soft-SD

Machine specially designed for soft masses or with a lot of oil. The horizontal working system guarantees that the dough does not break or break. The separation of the product is done by means of a spring separator, it is easily adjustable, being able to open or close the separation simply with a control and without stopping the machine. Multitude of incorporated advances, such as the separation between products or between trays indistinctly adjustable. Manufactured for continuous work.

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  • Lona input mass.
  • Mass Prelaminador
  • Rolling rolls easily adjustable.
  • Detectors prelaminador mass thickness and rolling.
  • Shaping cylinders in stainless steel. various thicknesses and formats.
  • Easy change of trainers cylinders.
  • Separator spring.
  • Highly reliable pneumatic cutter.
  • Possibility to adjust the speed, strength and cutting time.
  • Variable electronic speed.
  • Control via touch screen memory of the different programs.
  • You can work with one person placing and removing trays.
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Components brands (OMRON).
  • CE Certification approved safety elements.
  • Power: 2.5 Kw. 220 V. Single phase.
  • Length: 460 cm. open / 340 cm. folded.
  • Maximum width: 95 cm.
  • Height: 170 cm.
  • Weight: 350 kg.


Forming to manufacture Rosquilleta, saladitos, bits with pipes, sticks, and scolds grissines soft or semi hard mass.